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As an instructor Kathy has taught and choreographed internationally at various schools, studios, conventions, and universities, including NYC's world famous Broadway Dance Center, Peridance Capezio Dance Center, and with Dance Masters of America


Kathy is currently faculty of the Musical Theater Department at New York Film AcademyShe was also on faculty with Pushing Progress workshops for 10 years, and worked with their NYC-based Pre-Professional Contemporary Training Program. Kathy was also the ballet director for the Nourish Through Movement Tour, on which she also performed as a principal dancer.  

Working in the competitive dance industry for over fifteen years, Kathy has worked at numerous competitive dance studios across the U.S. and Canada. She has choreographed hundreds of competitive numbers that have gone on to receive numerous National Top Scores and Title Winners. 


Kathy is also an adjudicator and master teacher for multiple top U.S. and Canadian dance competitions. She is also a highly sought after competitive coach, bringing her years of professional experience to help dancers of every level shine on stage to their fullest potential as unique individuals. 

Kathy is known for bringing her passion for hard work and continuous learning to her classes to create an energetic and positive class environment. With her own training background based in a deep understanding of the human anatomy to approach technique and movement, Kathy enjoys making these ideas accessible to dancers of all ages and levels to create strength, consistency, and self-awareness in a dancer's training.


Kathy is also just as passionate about helping dancers develop their artistry, bringing her professional experience and acting training to help dancers find and trust their own unique inner voice and bring this into their own performances.

Kathy VanDereedt dancer teacher
Kathy VanDereedt dancer teacher

As a choreographer, Kathy loves to use choreography as the ultimate teaching tool for young to pre-professional dancers, and enjoys creating work that will most inspire and challenge them. Along with her vast competitive choreography experience, her work has been set at multiple arts programs across the U.S.


As a choreographer for young dancers, Kathy enjoys bringing exposure to current styles in the dance industry, as well as making thematic choices that are accessible for their age and maturity levels in order to help them to find their own story in the work. You can view a full resume of Kathy's teaching and choreography experience upon request by email.

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