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"Kathy is professional and 110% dedicated to the art of dance.  Kathy has set pieces on my company for the past eight years.  Besides teaching my dancers choreography, she is a role model to my young dancers through her technique, professionalism, and work ethic.  Kathy is consistently creative and reliable year after year!"


- Pam Devenney, Director of Dance Program at Notre Dame Academy

"Kathy is one of the most dedicated artists I have ever met. She is always honing her craft and invests so much time in her continual growth. This thirst for her constant evolution gives her such an amazing insight into what it takes to make it as a performer. Kathy has shared so much with our students at Pushing Progress and our students have really grown while working with her."


- Chris Hale, co-director of company/workshop Pushing Progress

"Kathy is such an inspiration to both students and teachers! The energy of the class can be felt throughout the whole studio. Because of her strong training in proper technique and alignment, it is wonderful to watch her help a student understand how the body functions during movement. Seeing the understanding in your students' eyes as she approaches movement with them is a wonderful experience for all."


- Emily Martin, Owner/Director of Level Dance Project

Kathy brought such professionalism and creativity to our studio for a week long dance camp.  Our students learned so much from her fresh, contemporary style.  

We will be bringing her back again and again!

- Andrew Umphrey, Owner/Director of Artists in Motion Performing Arts

"I have had the great pleasure of having Kathy work for me in many capacities over the years. She is a very strong technical dancer and a fierce performer;  the students loved learning from a dancer that they could look up to and be inspired from.  As a weekly instructor, she was able to teach many dance forms to multiple ages and skill levels. At my year end show, her numbers garnered a lot of attention for being artistic, entertaining and clean.  As a guest choreographer, she is able to choreograph to the students individual strengths--- again being able to mix up styles and difficulty according to the dancers involved.  I have always found Kathy to be reliable and dependable along with genuine and relatable. She has great work ethic and an amazing attitude about life that inspires many people, both young and old.  All excellent qualities when looking for a top notch  instructor or choreographer."


- Page O'Connor, Owner/Director of Class Act Performing Arts Studio

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